Saturday 13 March 2010

Call to action for British readers

Diane Abbott MP has tabled Early Day Motion 960, available to view here, which calls on the Government to withdraw its case from the European Court of Human Rights, conclude a “friendly settlement” with the Chagossians and make provision for a resettlement of the Chagos islands.

EDMs are essentially a way of gauging parliamentary support for a given issue, and so it is crucial that as many MPs as possible sign up to Ms Abbott’s motion.

The Write To Them website makes it quick and easy for you to lobby your elected representatives on this issue.  If you do, you may wish to consider asking them the following questions.  Note that it is very important to request a response from them, even if they choose not to sign the EDM!
  • Will you sign Diane Abbott’s EDM 960 on the Chagos Islands?
  • If not, will you give me your reasons for declining to do so?
  • Will you write to Gordon Brown and/or the Foreign Secretary asking him to make restitution with the Chagossians and restore their right of abode?
  • Will you include a support for the Chagossians’ rights in your manifesto at the next election?
  • Will you consider becoming active in the Chagos Islands All-Party Parliamentary Group?

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